Naturopathy was my first introduction to the healing arts whilst I was living in Australia where I qualified as a Naturopath in 1994. This followed a health scare where I was looking for a natural way of healing myself which led me to also be very interested in Homeopathy. I had started training in this in Australia but decided to return to England to train at what was then deemed to be the best college for Homeopathic training. I was very excited how a person’s character could also correlate to their physical symptoms. The remedy pictures were fascinating and I thoroughly enjoyed the training and experience of working with people therapeutically.

It was during working as a Homeopath that many clients would tell me they enjoyed coming to see me not just for remedies but because I listened to them and helped them through various issues. This was when I decided to train to be a psychotherapist/counsellor to improve my understanding and delve deeper. Therefore I wanted to learn more about us as individuals and what leads us on different paths.

I was also volunteering with women’s aid at the time which led on to working in a women’s centre as the crisis manager and following that supervising a children’s clinic for those who had been affected by domestic abuse. This work I am very passionate about and it is amazing to see the changes in people’s lives when they see things with a different perspective allowing the healing to occur.

I was introduced to Reiki Healing 15 years ago when working as a Homeopath in a shared clinic with other practitioners. I had a reiki treatment myself and was hooked. I believe this can support many other therapies.